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Golden Donkeys Farm is located in Skarinou village (just outside of Larnaca) and has been built with love and care for sustaining the Cyprus traditions. ‘We really wanted to help preserve the heritage of Cyprus – friendly and industrious animals, which many centuries faithfully served the Cypriots.’ After all, it is the Cyprus donkeys, who were the indispensable tool: they transported food and wine, they were the primary mode of transportation on the island for many centuries, it was the donkeys that helped in the production of olive oil, turning the heavy millstones and in the manufacture of wine, carrying grapes from mountain plantations.

Today, the Golden Donkey Farm is a home for around 170 donkeys, and each of them has its own name and character. They are the biggest donkey farm in Cyprus and probably, one of the biggest in Europe. The majority of their animals are females, in order to produce milk. Milking is done in a special designed space, in accordance with the requirements of the EU.
Arriving at the farm, you will get a lot of positive impressions and unforgettable emotions: here, you can ride on donkeys in the surrounding area, take a picture with the friendly animals and feed them. Our calm atmosphere, will melt away any stress and make you feel completely relaxed.

Moreover, at this farm you will also find a lot of other interesting things such as: the wax museum, the traditional Cyprus house, an ancient olive press, a small botanical garden, an amphitheater, one of the oldest olive trees in Cyprus, the small church of Virgin Mary of Memila (Memila is the name of the aria farm locates) and the coop, as well as our cozy restaurant and a souvenir shop.

For more information about the animals, the activities and the farm, click here.


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