Breakfast & Brunch

  • Atlantis Mediterranean Breakfast €10.00

    (Variety of bread, cut slices, cheese slices, butter, olive paste, honey, marmalade, eggs in a bread cup with cheese and bacon, cake, seasonal fruits, coffee, tea, juice)

  • Scrabbled eggs on toast €6.50

    (Served with garnish)

  • Crostini Smoked Salmon €5.50

    (Served with cream cheese and caviar)

  • Omelette of your choice €5.50

    Extra Fillings +€0.50 each: Ham / Cheese / Bacon / Onions / Tomato / Mushrooms / Peppers

  • Chicken avocado wrap €6.00

    (tortilla, chicken fillet, avocado, egg, cheese, rocket, sauce)

  • Nutella French toast €7.00

    (Toast bread, banana, cream cheese, Nutella, seasonal fruits)

image of the final dish may vary

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