Weddings at Atlantis Gardens

Tranquility, privacy, beautiful environment what else can one ask for? Exactly these attributes make Atlantis Gardens the ideal place for your wedding ceremony. The latest wedding that took place in our resort was on the 15th of May. The restaurant and the area around the main pool have been used for the quests, creating a […]

Triathlon Championship Race

Triathlon Championship Race took place on Sunday 17th of April 2022 at our resort. The athletes prepared for the event at the beachfront, where there were the start & finish lines. The race was an official event of the Cyprus Triathlon Federation. It was an amazing opportunity for us to host an event like this. […]


We added a new service to our resort, as many of the visitors’ stay is the 1st in Cyprus and wanted to know the island better, having an almost local experience. MONDAY NICOSIA € 40 00 per person Old City, Ledra’s Street & Green Line Time: 10:00 – 15:00 1/2 DAY TUESDAY LARNACA € 40 […]


Atlantis Gardens offers to all guests, optional airport transportation. You can book the service for your arrival, your departure, or both. For up to 4 persons with luggage, a Mercedes S class is available. In the case of 4-6 people (or less with a lot of luggage), a luxury Mercedes Mini Van is used for […]

“Safepass” regulation for Travelers

The Cypriot authorities, following the EU plan for regulated travels without restrictions in Europe, have created the basic rules for staying and moving freely within the island. In order to do this visitors and citizens can present one of the following: Vaccination certificate with at least one dose and after 3 weeks. Citizens can present […]

“Halloumi”, the unique Cyprus cheese

The most famous cheese of the island is undoubtedly halloumi! It is a semi-hard cheese, which can be consumed in many different ways. It has a characteristic texture and is fantastic both raw and cooked (grilled or fried). It is impossible not to encounter the well-known halloumi during your visit to the island, either as […]


We make travelling much easier for everyone! Atlantis Gardens now offers the possibility of taking onsite PCR Testing for its guests who require mandatory negative coronavirus tests to travel back home. With one less thing to organize, now you can undertake the test in our property without any rush or stress. To do the onsite […]


COMMANDARIA Cyprus can proudly lay claim to the world’s oldest wine still in production – that of the delicious sweet dessert wine Commandaria.  Thought to date back to 800 BC, references to the consumption of a wine named ‘Cypriot Nama’ is believed to have been Commandaria before it was given its current name during the […]


This 80km route travels along the western coastal district of Larnaka (Larnaca), climbing towards the hillside villages of the region, and past the archaeological site of Choirokoitia to end at Kofinou village. The route begins at the Mazotos fuel station on the outskirts of the village, and continues on the road towards the villages of […]


A fun day full of activities! Golden Donkeys Farm is located in Skarinou village (just outside of Larnaca) and has been built with love and care for sustaining the Cyprus traditions. ‘We really wanted to help preserve the heritage of Cyprus – friendly and industrious animals, which many centuries faithfully served the Cypriots.’ After all, […]